How to lodge a submission

We have just 90 days* to have a formal say on the Narrabri Gas Project. Help make the community rejection impossible to ignore!

1. Choose some points to include in your submission based on the points below (or you can use this more detailed guide).

2. Go to the Narrabri Gas Project page on the NSW Department of Planning website.

3. Choose ‘I object to it’ in the dropdown menu and fill in your personal details.

4. Add your comment against the project. Any comment at all is counted but your own words are most powerful.

5. If really want to help stop CSG in the Pilliga please print out this form submission and get all your friends and family to sign it. Post the signed copies back to us at TWS (21 Gordon Ave Hamilton NSW 2303). 

submission2.jpg  print.jpg


*Submissions close on the 22 May - an extension was granted by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Click here to download a two-page submission writing guide for your local group.

Click here to download a one page submission guide you can print and take to stalls and events.

Some Key Issues:

  1. It will extract over 35 billion litres of toxic groundwater, much of it in the first five years. This water will be treated and in the early years will generate tens of thousands of tonnes of salt, for which there is no safe disposal plan. 
  2. It will clear close to 1,000 hectares of the Pilliga Forest, fragmenting the largest temperate woodland in New South Wales, home to unique wildlife. 
  3. It will cause significant diversion of water from a recharge aquifer of the Great Artesian Basin, which is a water resource relied upon by rural communities across western NSW. 
  4. It will lead to large deliberate and fugitive emissions of methane, adding to climate change. 
  5. It will cause more trauma to the regional Aboriginal community because the area of impact is crucially important to the spiritual, cultural and social life of Gamilaraay people. 
  6. It is not justified: Santos’ own Coal Seam Gas export activities in Queensland have caused gas prices to rise and supply to become unpredictable. NSW should respond to this by investing in more reliable and ultimately cheaper renewable energy, not by letting Santos inflict more environmental, social and economic harm. 
  7. It will cause economic upheaval in Narrabri and put agricultural industries at risk, as well as causing light pollution that will ruin the dark night sky needed by the internationally renowned Siding Spring Observatory. 
  8. Coal Seam Gas is harmful to health. Neither the NSW Government nor Santos have investigated or dealt with the serious health effects of coal seam gas now appearing in peer-reviewed research in the United States.