EIS Expert Reviews

When Santos' Environmental Impact Statement for the Narrabri Gas project was released, the North West Alliance commissioned a series of expert reviews on groundwater, economics, ecology, social impacts, wildlife, Aboriginal cultural heritage, waste and produced water. These reviews are available below.

In addition, People for the Plains made a substantial submission which is available here (PDF).

Appendix A, Kevin Hayley (Ph.D), Groundwater Solutions 
A review of the groundwater model.

Appendix B, Dr Matthew Currell, RMIT University 
A review of the groundwater contamination risk.

Appendix C, Andrea Broughton, Senior Hydrogeologist, Groundwater Solutions International. 
A review of the groundwater model, and data.

Appendix D, Tony Shields & Rod Campbell, The Australian Institute
A review of the economic assessment.

Appendix E, Dr Ian Campbell, Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Consultancy Services
A review of the aquatic ecology assessment.

Appendix F, Prof Stewart Lockie
A review of the social impact assessment.

Appendix G, David Milledge, Director Landmark Ecological Services Pty Ltd
A review of the assessment of the impact on wildlife.

Appendix H, Stuart Khan
A review of the assessment of waste and produced water.

Appendix I, Peter Kuskie, South East Archaeology
A review of the impact assessment for Aboriginal cultural heritage.

A group of experts also wrote reviews to formally submit to the Independent Planning Commission which you can see and download here.