Write to Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher

The 2016 Santos AGM will be held on May 4 and local people are telling the CEO, Kevin Gallagher that there is no local acceptance of the Narrabri Gas Project and plans for Coal Seam Gasfields (CSG) across North West NSW.

This project risks both surface and ground water resources, impacting agriculture, communities and families.  It also has potential envionrmental impacts to the Pilliga State Forest and surrounds; the project has already caused over 20 reported spills and leaks of toxic CSG water including the contamination of two freshwater aquifers with uranium and other heavy metals.

There is broad opposition from the community including sustained protests, lock ons from locals, and the 96% opposition shown through neighbour-to-neighbour surveys across over 3 million hectares of the North West NSW region.

The project is now economically unviable. Santos 2015 Yearly Results show the entire Gunnedah Basin reserve has now been revalued at $0.00 and reclassified as a 'Contingent' resource meaning it is not considered a viable prospect for economic exploitation.

You can tell the CEO who you are, your personal reasons and your intention to oppose CSG in the region.