Run a street stall to gather submissions

It's easy to run a street stall or market stall to talk to people in your area about the Narrabri CSG project.

1. Gather a couple of friends to help.

2. Find a suitable public location with passing foot traffic. Think of somewhere it will be easy to have conversations with passers by without obstructing local businesses or thoroughfares.

3. If necessary, seek permission from the relevant authority. For example, if you have chosen a private mall permission will be required.

4. Use a small table and a chair or two (though standing is more engaging!). Maybe you could also have some lamingtons or other treats on hand for people you're talking to?

5. Print out copies of these submission guides to help you talk through with people why we should object to the Narrabri CSG project.

6. Get out there and ask people to sign submissions!

Gather all the submissions and let us know you have them. We will mail them to the Department of Planning together. (Of course, if people want to mail them separately, that is totally fine!)

If you're looking for stickers, t-shirts or Lock the Gate triangles to brighten up your stall, you can get them from the Lock the Gate online shop here.

Remember: Each submission will be counted as a formal objection to the proposal if it it has a clear name and address and is signed and clearly states that it is a submission objecting to the Narrabri CSG project. Hand-written submissions in the submitter's own words will carry more weight.

Here’s how you might engage people you encounter:

Be friendly, smile, make eye contact. Don’t bother arguing with anyone!

“Hi, how are you? Do you have just one minute to help end the coal seam gas threat in NSW?

We’re just asking people to sign a submission against Santos plans for an 850 well coal seam gasfield in the Pilliga forest. Have you heard about these plans?

Yes? Engage them based on what they know, encourage them to sign a submission.

No? Use some of the points from the submission guide to inform the person of the threat. Then move on to showing them how easy it is to sign a submission.