Make a submission

The gargantuan Environmental Impact Statement for the Narrabri CSG project in North West New South Wales is out for public feedback and you need to make your views known!

The North West Alliance has made some handy guides to help you and your friends, family and community groups make a submission objecting to CSG in Narrabri.

Click here to download a two-page submission writing guide for your local group.

Click here to download a one page submission guide you can print and take to stalls and events.

Click here to download a form letter to share with anyone that doesn't have time to write a full submission themselves.

To make a submission, you visit the Department of Planning website via the link below. When you click the link, you will go to the NSW Government webpage and will be submitting a formal objection to the project. This will be counted as one extra objecting submission and every objection will count.

Here's what to do.

1. Go to the Narrabri Gas Project page on the NSW Department of Planning website.

2. Select if you are making a submission as an individual, or on behalf of your group or organisation.

3. Choose ‘I object to it’ in the dropdown menu and fill in your personal details.

4. Add your comments against the project. We have suggested some key points to be included in your submission in the guides attached. Please consider using these points as a basis and expressing opposition in your own words—your own voice is more powerful.

5. Choose 'no' to Q4 regarding political donations, unless you or your associates have made political donations adding up to or exceeding $1,000 (in cash or in kind) in the past 2 years.

The deadline to get yours in is 22 May 2017.