Protect the Pilliga forest, near Narrabri

Out in the Pilliga forest, near Narrabri, in North West NSW, gas giant Santos want to drill 850 coal seam gas wells. It's the only CSG production project proposed in NSW, and farmers, Traditional Owners and environmentalists have been campaigning to protect the Pilliga and stop it becoming an industrial gasfield for years.

They're close to this goal. Santos have written the project down to zero and dumped it with a subsidiary company for non-core assets, and around the region, communities have declared themselves gasfield free. But they are pressing ahead seeking development approval for the project and the people of the North West need your help.

The North West Alliance is an affiliation of over 30 groups across north west NSW whose charter it is to educate and advocate the community, media and government on issues around coal seam gas (CSG) and coal extractive industries.

96% of landholders over 3 million hectares across the north west reject these industries due to their impact on water, land, air, landholders, communities and traditional owners.

Join with us on this journey to protect our resources from extractive industries.