Protect the Pilliga forest, near Narrabri

The Threats: Coal seam gas

Out in the Pilliga forest, near Narrabri, in North West NSW, gas giant Santos want to drill 850 coal seam gas wells. It's the only CSG production project proposed in NSW, and farmers, Traditional Owners and environmentalists have been campaigning to protect the Pilliga and stop it becoming an industrial gasfield for years.

They're close to this goal. Santos have written the project down to zero and dumped it with a subsidiary company for non-core assets, and around the region, communities have declared themselves gasfield free. But Santos are pressing ahead seeking development approval for the project and the people of the North West need your help. Get involved here...

Santos has previously indicated it wants to develop a series of 7 gasfields across North West NSW. The proposed 850 well Narrabri Gas Project is the first of these (see image at bottom of page).

There are 7 gasfields planned for North West NSW!


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    Planning Commission asked to decide Narrabri gasfield despite major flaws in regulation and knowledge

    Lock the Gate Alliance has condemned the referral of Santos’ Narrabri coal seam gas project to the Independent Planning Commission just days after a Parliamentary Inquiry found there was a severe lack of information and regulation related to the industry.

    “The Commission will be stabbing in the dark when it tries to make a decision on this destructive, polluting proposal,” Lock the Gate NSW spokesperson Georgina Woods said.

    “Major flaws in regulation and knowledge of coal seam gas were identified by a parliamentary committee two weeks ago, yet Planning Minister Rob Stokes has not listened and has referred this project anyway.”

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  • Featured petition

    Renewables not gas for Narrabri

    3,241 signatures

    PETITION to the Deputy Premier, Independent Planning Commission and Planning Minister Rob Stokes:

    We oppose Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project across the Pilliga forest and farmland near Narrabri due to:

    • The risk and damage it would bring to the groundwater of the Great Artesian Basin
    • The hundreds of thousands of tonnes of salty waste it would produce, with no disposal solution
    • The spread of gasfields across the North West region’s farmland that would follow
    • The fact it would do zero to address high gas prices, in fact it could lock in higher prices.

    Will you sign?