Narrabri Independent Planning Commission (IPC) Meeting/Hearing

The next formal step in the assessment process for the Narrabri Gas Project will be its referral to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC).

This is the last phase of the assessment process before a recommendation, then final determination.

The IPC is likely to give 3 - 6 weeks notice of a public meeting or hearing (no rights of appeal) to be held in Narrabri in early 2020. 

Free, fun and informative activities are being planned around this event. To find out more, sign our petition, include your email address and we will notify you of dates and activities.

Together, experts, local communities and people from all over NSW will gather at Narrabri for two days to demonstrate the community’s rejection of this project and the expansion of the coal seam gas industry in our state. 

Writers of submissions in 2017 will be given a couple of weeks notice to register as speakers. If you don’t get asked, please request an invitation to speak. More submissions will be called for and will be accepted as the IPC continues.